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JBL, a unit of Harman International Industries, Incorporated, designs and builds audio equipment for consumers, and the entertainment industry.


JBL takes its decades of experience making speakers and other equipment for concert halls and other public venues, and uses it to create audio equipment for consumers around the world. You can enjoy a movie, ball game or concert as part of a huge crowd or in your home - but either way, you can catch all of the sounds with superb clarity through JBL components.


Whatever and wherever, the JBL brand is the one that audio consumers trust because it’s the brand audio professionals rely on. If great sound matters, there is a JBL solution with your name on it.


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With more than 1,400 international patents, the AKG® brand has been delivering the powerful, undistorted sound that music professionals have relied on for more than 60 years, consistently producing some of the truest and most natural-sounding headphones and microphones in the history of audio.


Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft mbH - shortened to AKG in 1965 - was founded by two Viennese, the physicist Dr. Rudolf Görike and the engineer Ernst Pless, in 1947. Since that date, AKG has driven innovations in the headphones market, producing the ultimate in sonic accuracy for recording professionals, audiophiles and anyone with a passion for music, decade after decade.


Now, AKG studio performance is available everywhere you need it to be, with wired, wireless and noise cancelling headphones and ear buds that recreate your favourite music with all the richness and subtlety of the original performance – for your ears only. If you’re serious about music, and you’re looking for the perfect headphones or ear buds that meet your exacting standards, look no further than the AKG brand.


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A love of music and delivery of a world-class experience is what drove Dr. Sidney Harman to found the Harman Kardon® brand more than 50 years ago – and it’s what continues to drive this historic brand today.


Producing pure, realistic sound from ever-smarter engineering and ever-simpler design, Harman Kardon products lead the industry and delight audio purists around the world.


Stunning ultrawide-bandwidth two-channel systems to powerful 7.1-channel systems, portable navigation devices that deliver full multimedia capability, solutions that enhance the use of your portable media player in the car – these are hallmarks of what the Harman Kardon brand is all about. Each product is engineered to take your breath away.


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The Infinity® brand was founded in 1968 on a unique blend of technology, performance and design. Over the years, we’ve applied this philosophy and pushed the envelope to deliver many industry firsts that have received accolades from the press and, more important, our customers.


Is it possible to so perfectly reproduce recorded sound that a critical listener will experience the sensory equivalent of a live musical performance? Infinity engineers have answered this question with a resounding “yes!” over and over again.


From world-class home audio loudspeakers and home theater solutions, to leading automotive loudspeakers, amplifiers and subwoofers, Infinity products are the ones that enthusiasts inspire to own.


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Cherished by audiophiles and hailed by reviewers, Revel® speakers are the product of a design philosophy that focuses on performance and quality above all else.


Optimized for superior acoustical honesty from both stereo and multichannel sources, these speakers combine stunning visual aesthetics with unequaled musical accuracy and incredible dynamic authority for the ultimate audio experience.


Simply put, they're the world's finest loudspeakers.


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It was the artful mix of vision and science in Mark Levinson’s benchmark JC-1 preamplifier that first demonstrated the potential of solid-state circuitry in high-end audio design, and it was the company’s classic No. 30 analog-to-digital processor that helped to usher in the digital age.


Mark Levinson® audio components have always delivered a level of musical accuracy that opens a window into the soul of recording artists. Today that tradition extends into the visual realm, with home theater electronics that define high performance and reliability for the world’s most demanding consumers.


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Lexicon® measures its success by the simple fact that it's the worldwide choice of engineers, producers and performers for digital processing. Its uncompromised integrity has proven to be extremely successful over the years. History was made when its Reverb line was introduced at the 1978 AES Convention. It was considered the first commercially viable digital reverb system. And Lexicon's innovations haven't stopped since. It continues to forge strategic partnerships that will ensure that its systems are always compatible with customers' needs.


Since 1971, Lexicon has been at the leading edge of technology, helping to innovate both professional and consumer audio. From the world’s first commercially available digital effects processor to the new Automatic Room Equalization System, each product reflects our love of music and commitment to the artistic process.


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For Denon, audio-video reproduction is not just a business. The creation of products that can deliver total quality enjoyment to others is a fundamental driving passion and the reason we exist. What’s more, our constant quest to create the perfect entertainment component is the key to transforming creative ideas into leading innovation, and to anticipating consumer needs. In recent evolution, this has included the development of mobile technologies, so that customers can enjoy the best possible quality reproduction in any format.


Bringing purity of sound and joy to customers’ lives is what Denon is all about. Denon’s Legacy of Firsts and our 100-year history of delivering powerful audio and visual experiences mark the company’s path into the future. We will treasure our legacy and use it to inspire and fuel our constant quest for perfection.


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Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics is a world-renowned leader in high-performance loudspeakers, tabletop products, and advanced car audio systems.


We continue to exceed our customers' expectations—generation after generation—by using only the highest quality materials in every component we build. That commitment to quality is visible (and audible) wherever a Boston Acoustics system is found.


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Optoma is a world leading designer and manufacturer of projectors for business, education, professional audio/video and home entertainment.

For nearly two decades Optoma has been one of the few manufacturers to specialise in projection. Systematically Optoma has contributed a product into every new development of projection and has pioneered new award-winning products on more than one occasion, targeting a spectrum of applications and environments.


Optoma's innovative products are carefully crafted to deliver crystal clear images of unrivalled quality by incorporating the latest DLP® technology from Texas Instruments, together with advanced optical engineering expertise and dedication to superb product quality.


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Booq was founded by Thorsten Trotzenberg, a German native, product design graduate of Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, and founding partner of 3Gen LLC, now the world's leading maker of handheld skin cancer screening devices marketed under the DermLite brand. Booq started in 2002 as a garage operation based in Burbank, California, and the privately held family company moved to Sierra Madre, a creative community in the foothills above Los Angeles, in 2003.


Run by a small team of highly motivated creative individuals who are committed to providing the highest level of product performance and service to some of the world's most ambitious and innovative individuals, it is our customer's creative work that gives us all the inspiration we need to stay focused and create great products. In turn, we hope that our work inspires others to do the same, and we look forward to helping you move your next ambitious idea farther for many years to come.


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iBasso Audio is a small company from China known for manufacturing portable amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters. Over the years, iBasso has been able to garner a solid reputation due to its well-priced, well-manufactured products.


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ITC is a famous commercial audio system, public address amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturer in China. We established our assembly factory back up to 1993 in Guangzhou City of China.


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The LinearFlux team consists of over 30 years experience in the Consumer Electronics industry, LinearFlux is focused in pioneering products that incorporate the needs of today’s lifestyle. Employs the philosophy of “Connecting Simplified” for how it approaches the development of all its products.


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Control4, a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allows you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. Founded in 2003, the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home.


Today, Control4® certified custom integrators work with home and business owners to deliver the transformative benefits of the smart and connected home: convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.


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